Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Yo what's up? I've been in New York for a week and I forgot to post this before I went, so here is allllll the wickedlanding that happened the week before I went away.

On the freshers bar crawl with work we stopped off in More restaurant, the buffet place on London road. The main guy who owns it was amazing on the night haha. He was like hosting, shouting out the offers over a cordless mic and doing mental price drops on drinks deals. Like sudden Jagerbombs were half price and all the students were going mental. It was sick.

He asked myself and the other reps if we were hungry and he had roped off a little table for us. Quick sit down, little bang round the buffet, very niceeeee

This guy is smacking it at the minute, up up up

Double gluttony, you've got to feel truly repulsive after smashing one of these big bags haven't you.

So I went for a little Peri Peri and was heartbroken to find out it had closed down. The windows were all papered up and the signage had all changed. I didn't know what to do. I had had my last one and I didn't even know it was my last one. 

I went to Cafe TwoTen the other day and it was a really weird experience. It was like everyone knew each other and the room was in one massive chit chat with each other. I didn't get what was going on, or how it had got to that since the last time I had been there haha. I swear it's not always been like that.

You know that cash point next to Maryland on Horsefair street has to be the worst cash point in Leicester. The amount of times I've gone to use it and something fucked has happened with my card and the cashpoint has broke. Or like I've been in the queue and it's broke in front of me. Or like there isn't any money in it or whatever. So fucking annoying

You know what else is annoying? How the ring around the inside of a lampshade isn't a universal thing. I was forcing a lightbulb through the ring and into the lamp when it smashed into my hand. I was so mad that that's completely easy to regulate. The lamp, the shade and the bulb were all from Wilkos and yet they didn't fit together. I've got the shade blu tac'd to the lamp at the moment. And a nice new scar on my finger.

Great news, Peri Peri has re opened! Like 3/4 days after the inital scare I went by and the new place was open as usual. I went in, spoke to the old boyos and they told me that they're still serving the regular original menu, they've just changed the overarching brand a little and the look of the restaurant. I cannot express with words the relief I felt.

Skittles are a problem aren't they? I forget that they're the absolute best and just chuck them down. It got to the point a couple weeks ago where I was buying two bags at a time (one of each of these colours) having them both open and just launching them at my face. throwing more in before I'd even finished chewing. So disgustingly greedy

Linked Liban Yasin and Sabro for dinner. We went to some Muslim spot off London road. Ate nicely

That's it for the pre NY shit! I got so much funny content in New York, I'm going to be posting it over the next few days.

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