Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Ok so last week I had to jet off to New York to just quickly do a bit of stuff out there with Tom and Dan. We booked this trip about 6 months ago and have been steadily buying sports tickets and planning stuff out until it came to last week.

We had a fucking nightmare with a cancelled flight, where we were in Heathrow getting tanked up and our flight got moved a day later. We argued the toss, got put on a British Airways flight first thing the next morning and then had to get a $200 taxi to New Jersey to get to the Metlife stadium.

As we jumped out of the taxi we saw the fireworks going off to signify the start of the game and we managed to make it into the stadium with 8 minutes of the first quarter left. All things considered, it didn't go too badly, and we are gonna hammer Virgin Airways for the big boy compo.

The game was nuts, I've obviously never been to an NFL game and the whole atmosphere was incredible. The Jets won 34-20 in the end and everyone left in the best mood.

We checked into our apartment and the guy whose place it was recommended a Mexican place just around the corner. We hit it up, it was insane. The food was incredible and they served frozen cocktails for $5. One of the best meals I had the whole time I was there.

Casjing on a little motorbike up and down the pavement, fuck a segway

Almond snickers. Copped, 5/10. Nothing notable.

This was the yung kit. I'd wake up and hit that grape flavoured Gatorade straight out the fridge because I'm on holiday so I don't care. Those little fruit flavoured Lifesavers were awesome, as was the peanut butter Twix.

The next morning after breakfast we went for a walk back through Central park, near where we were staying. It was so so fucking nice. Like the air was so crisp and clear, and it looked so autumnal. The colours were crazy, it was so well kept as well. I bet the grounds-keepers fully fully love their jobs.

The subway and the way roads are laid out in NY is such a piece of piss. Everything is so simple and easy to work out. It's made me hate the way the streets are in this country, all named after old people and shit, going off in mental directions. In Manhattan they're just in sequential numbers and square blocks of equal size. So if you're on 103rd trying to get to 106th, you know you're 3 blocks away, and straight in line. The dream.

We stook our heads into some old fancy library, we read the building itself was magnificent. It was pretty cool, mental ornate ceilings all over the place.

A pigeon flew in a shop. That's the wort of stuff I'm out in NY photographing haha

These little food trucks were absolutely everywhere, selling either kind of Tex Mex street food or like breakfast stuff. It was all really nice, one day I got this toasted cream cheese and bacon bagel, it was so simple but fucking unreal.

We went up the Rockerfella centre, the view was spectacular. Here is a photo of Dan taking a photo of Tom taking a photo of North Manhattan.

If you click this pictures and look reaaaaally hard you can see the Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty.

I think this is the highest point I've ever been to on earth.

We kept getting told off for fucking about. Drake said YOLO though soooo. Fuck it, ban me, I've been up there and took my pictures now lol

Tom had a little bang on one of those massage chairs. This one was so so extra, it tipped you back and did all sorts of shit. Look at his smug little face loving his life hahahaha. Man if I was rich I would have one of these motherfuckers in my house. I was just thinking of spending hours in that chair whilst watching the football, what a life.

Even the small meaningless buildings were ridiculously big.

Touched down in Niketown. This guys job was just to fuck around with the basketball all day and spin it and dunk on people and so on. What a job.

Everywhere sold these massive slices of pizza that cost fuck all. Like $3 or something. it was fucking sick, living in America and getting fat must be so so easy. Although you know how Americans have a reputation for being fat? It wasn't at all noticeable to me in 2015. I reckon us Brits have finally caught up.

This might have been my favourite thing I ate all week. It was a steak and cheese burger with beer battered peppers and onions. From Applebee's. It was insane. Plus Mountain Dew on tap was so so serious.

We were talking about how 20% gratuity is expected in America before we got there. I don't believe in just tipping for tippings sake back home, I'll only tip if the service was actually tip worthy, so I was kind of annoyed at the idea of having to fork out 20% every time just because someone can't be arsed to get a better paid job. But seriously, as I'm sure a lot of you who have been to the US know, the service is soooo soooo mentally good. The waiters were all attentive, but not overbearing, funny, smart, didn't fuck up your order, polite, used manners and not hard to get the attention of. It reminded me what service is meant to be, it was like anyone in a service position took pride in their work.

We went to the (incredibly underwhelming) zoo in Central Park. The best bit was the Monkeys pulling funny idiot faces and giving each other medicals.

Squirrels were so brazen and unscared of being near humans. Kind of sick, squirrels are good people, man.

This little dickhead was sleeping with his arms dangling down either side of the branch he was resting on. Pretty good style haha

I'LL BE BACK with more fun shit and food and whatever else from New York tomorrow!

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