Friday, 16 October 2015



I saw an article earlier today that detailed the top earners from Youtube. Firstly I was shocked to find out that regular people make MILLIONS from Youtube. I had no idea, secondly this guy called KSI was bang up there, earning a $4.5m for the year.

For those who don't know KSI is a vlogger, he just details his life, plays FIFA and is loud. I'm sure I've mentioned it on my blog before how I found myself fascinated with these videos. There is a whole community of people who upload videos of them to YouTube just like playing FIFA and being really over the top and that. I was exposed to it about 4/5 months ago and I'm fascinated and equally infuriated. I cannot understand how these videos rack up millions of views. I cannot understand who is spending their one life watching them, and more than anything I hate myself for being intrigued and constantly peeping over the wall at it.

But then you have me. When I go on to YouTube I always have new videos from this world recommended to me. Just now when I logged on to embed the video that is below there was one recommended video in the bar at the top 'BLIND FUT DRAFT WITH SIMON! | FIFA 16 Ultimate Team' So it's random people, opening FIFA Ultimate team packs without looking and yet millions of people want to see this shit. I'm targeting and naming KSI because it looks like he is the ringleader of this whole crap little subculture. Shit like this makes me hate the internet. All the cool stuff the internet is capable of and this is the shit people are choosing to do.

Also, I can't take the thought of grown men enthusing about playing FIFA. stick it on when you're going to bed, have a game. Cool. I don't want to see grown fucking men shouting and screaming opening ultimate team packs. I don't want to hear conversation about it. I promise you, every single grown man who is passionate about FIFA is a fucking bum with no real hobbies. Embarrassing way to not leave the house. Shame on KSI for encouraging it.

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